Pastor Colleen K. Nieman

Pastor Nieman

Dear Friends,

Thank you to the 30+ people who came out on Saturday, May 13 to participate in the Visioning Retreat!

One piece of our Retreat was to raise up the on-going crafting of St. Paul's Mission, Core Values and Vision. Briefly, a mission statement is why we exist, a vision statement is what we aspire to be, and core values are our principles supporting our vision.

Another piece of our Retreat was to do brainstorming and idea sorting with five areas of focus toward achieving our vision. Participants in the Retreat wrote ideas for each of the five areas and placed them on display boards. The whole group then did some initial sorting of the ideas. The weekends of June 3/4 and 10/11 the above mentioned idea boards and copies of the Retreat Power Point (with mission, vision, areas of focus and more) will be available after worship for you to view, add too, and discuss further. Vision Task Force members will be on hand to share and discuss with you our continuing work. They are Carl DeLage, Mark Phelps, Carol Welsh, Barb Kaye and myself.

Barb Kaye is working specifically to coordinate people to work with our communication channels. Please connect with Barb to tell her how you can help with, for example, being a regular “poster” for our St. Paul Facebook page.

Thank you also for praying together as we continue in this journey. Printed here again is our Prayer for Visioning. Copies of it remain available in the Church Sanctuary for you to pick up and share!

In Christ.

Pastor Colleen Nieman

Prayer for Visioning
Living God,
We, your servants, have embarked on a
visioning process for St. Paul Lutheran Church.
May Your Spirit be upon us in this process.
May we come together,
open to Your Spirit's guidance.
And so, we ask:
Open our eyes to better discern
the signs of the times.
Open our ears to better hear
the needs of the people.
Open our minds to better recognize
the resources You have given us, and
Open our hearts to deepen our solidarity
with the crucified of today and
the promise of new life in You.
Help us find creative responses to the needs
around us, so that Your love in Christ
may be even more clearly revealed
through us to those we serve.
We ask this in the name of Jesus,
Crucified and Risen.

Youth Developer Caitlin Whittaker

Youth Developer

Greetings from Caitlin Whittaker, your interim youth coordinator!
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